Totally random (and completely awesome) prom-themed products! Toys, books, and yes, even a dog prom dress!

prom-themed products

What better way to celebrate the upcoming prom season than with a round-up of prom-themed products. Prom-themed books, movies, toys, art pieces, and even a doggie prom dress are included in this list.

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Operation PROM: Providing prom dresses for teens in need and how you can help

operation prom

Prom night is an important occasion for many teens but it can also be a financial burden. The cost of a prom dress, plus extras (shoes, accessories, makeup & hair…) can really add up. That is why at Prom Fashion Guide we really love organizations like Operation PROM that provide assistance for teens and their families who are in financial need. Every teen deserves to look and feel great for prom!

We recently talked to Operation PROM founder Noel D’Allacco about the organization.

“We often have difficulty getting dresses that are plus size. Sizes 14 and up are needed and we have a hard time getting those sizes donated to us, or sometimes larger dresses look too mature for a 17 year old Prom-goer to wear.”

— Noel D’Allacco, Operation PROM founder

PROM FASHION GUIDE: Can you give a brief overview of Operation PROM. When was it founded? What is your goal?

Noel D’Allacco: Established in 2005, Operation PROM provides resources, opportunity and mentoring to students in need. Services are available to children in financial need, those who are homeless, sick, or disabled. School supplies and scholarships are available in addition to our regular donations of Prom dresses and tuxedos.

To date, Operation PROM has helped thousands of students across the U.S. attend their Prom at little or no cost. To request a free Prom dress or tuxedo, students must be recommended by their guidance counselor and meet the requirements such as a severe financial need, and the student should be passing all of their classes.

PFG: What are some of the challenges Operation PROM faces?

D’Allacco: We often have difficulty getting dresses that are plus size. Sizes 14 and up are needed and we have a hard time getting those sizes donated to us, or sometimes larger dresses look too mature for a 17 year old Prom-goer to wear.

PFG: The students must have fun picking out their dresses. What is that process like?

D’Allacco: The girls come to our dress giveaway events and are assigned a “Personal Shopper” who will help them go through racks & racks of hundreds of dresses. The girls get to try them on and pick the one they love for Prom. Best of all, it’s totally free!

PFG: What are your long term plans for Operation PROM?

D’Allacco: To continue to expand throughout the US, and help more students with things like scholarships and school supplies too.

PFG: How can people help?

D’Allacco: Donating dresses and monetary donations are greatly appreciated. We also need more volunteers, so anyone interested can find the chapter nearest to them at to volunteer.

Special thanks to Meaghan at the Long Island chapter of Operation PROM! Twitter:@operationpromli

Prom Fashion Guide Picks: Sherri Hill 2013


Where to buy Sherri Hill dresses online

Here are some online stores that sell Sherri Hill dresses:

Sherri Hill is one of our very favorite prom dress designers…like, ever. The dresses are truly beautiful and the Spring 2013 collection is no exception. Sherri Hill is proving to be one of the more popular brands for Prom 2013. Back in September Kendall and Kylie Jenner walked the runway in the freshest Sherri Hill dresses during Fashion Week and also were the faces of an amazing new ad campaign.

We especially like the lacy doll-like short dresses from the latest collection; they are darling. The two-piece dress ensemble is one of the highlights, looking like a fairy meets Bollywood. We also really like the many pale pink dresses; these soft rose-hued gowns are absolutely elegant.

You can see the entire new Spring 2013 collection at and below are Prom Fashion Guide’s picks of the best:

Prom Fashion Guide Picks: Xcite Prom 2013

Xcite Prom has an amazing dress collection for prom 2013. In addition to the usual Xcite Prom and Xtreme Prom labels, Xcite has introduced a new collection: Disney Forever Enchanted. The Disney Forever Enchanted collection includes dresses inspired by classic Disney films such as Snow White. The dresses range from regal and romantic to soft and whimsical; all without looking too costume-y. Perfect dresses to bring out your inner princess!