Prom dresses under $100 (that you will actually want to wear!)


Reader question:

Where can I find a cheap prom dress?

Answer: Prom can get expensive so saving money on a dress is a priority for many. To help you in your search for a budget-saving dress, we once again present Prom Fashion Guide’s annual roundup of prom dresses for under $100. These are the most fabulous and most affordable dresses out there. This list includes long prom dresses for under $100 (which can be really hard to find!) and a variety of colors and styles. One of the trendiest looks, and one that you’ll find recurring on this list, is the skater dress — a short dress that has the same look as a figure skater’s dress. They are oh-so-cute and completely perfect for prom!

Check out the amazing deals on the prom dresses below!

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