Prom and Prejudice: A lovely modern-day adaptation

In Elizabeth Eulberg’s new teen novel Prom and Prejudice, main character Lizzie deals with boy drama, the pressures of prom, and being an outsider at a prestigious boarding school.

Lizzie goes to school at the Longbourn Academy on a music scholarship, but the mean girls make her life miserable because she doesn’t come from a wealthy family.  Her sweet-natured roommate Jane is one of her only friends, but Jane becomes preoccupied when the boy she likes, Charles, returns from winter break.   Charles’s friend Will Darcy acts like an arrogant jerk when he meets Lizzie, and makes her feel even more insecure about being from a lower class.   When Jane and Charles start dating, Lizzie and Darcy are forced to spend more time together, which creates more friction between the two of them.

Meanwhile, all of the students are busy making plans for prom—prom is such a big deal at this private school that is even has media coverage.  The girls don’t just wear any dress they find at Macy’s; instead they get custom designed dresses made by high-end designers.

This sweet story, based on the classic Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, is a great teen novel.  The main character Lizzie, is a girl you really wanna root for, but at the same time you want to yell at her to stop being so stubborn!  As in the original telling, there are miscommunications between characters, and their weaknesses keep them from being happy, but ultimately conflicts are resolved for the better.  I, of course, loved how prom was incorporated into the story—being asked to prom was kind of the equivalent of being proposed marriage in Jane Austen’s story.

I highly recommend reading this Elizabeth Eulberg book if you are getting excited for your prom this spring, or if you’re just a fan of teen romance fiction.   Also, check out the original Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, and well as the wonderful movie version with Keira Knightley.

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